Can I Take a CPR Class?

Yes, Post 53 offers CPR classes to Darien residents.  For more information or to schedule a class email [email protected].

Do You Charge For Your Services?

Darien EMS-Post 53 does not charge for its basic ambulance transport. However, when a paramedic is needed the patient will receive a bill for their services. As Post is the transporting ambulance, we are responsible for collecting the fee for the paramedic. The money collected by Post 53 is given entirely to Stamford Emergency Medical Services.

Does a Paramedic Go To Every Call?

Post 53 provides basic emergency pre-hospital care to the citizens and guests of Darien. In a good percentage of the emergency calls, this level of training is sufficient to support the patient as they are transported to the local hospital. However, in some cases, according to protocols, a paramedic is called to provide advanced medical care.

How Can I Donate?

You can donate to Post 53 in several ways. First, using our website, you can donate with PayPal. Or, you can mail a personal check to:

Post 53
P.O. Box 2066
Darien, CT  06820

How Can I Join Post 53?

For a prospective young adult member, joining Post 53 begins by expressing interest in membership during the final year of middle school (8th Grade). Current Posties participate in an annual Activities Fair at the middle school and they provide a range of information on Post membership. Typically, interested young adults take a First Aid class either during the summer prior to their Freshman year or the first term once they are in Darien High School.

For adults interested in becoming an Adult Advisor at Post 53, please call Post 53 at (203) 655-8980 or e-mail [email protected].

How Do I Contact Post 53 if I Have an Emergency?

In the event of an emergency, you should call 911 directly. These calls are entered into the Darien Emergency Response system and Post 53, Darien Police as well as any necessary fire department, are dispatched. These three emergency organizations maintain a strong teamwork to handle every emergency facing the citizens of Darien.

How Is the Ambulance Staffed 24 Hours Per Day if the Young Adults are in School?

The young adults staff the ambulance on a 24-hour/day, 7-day/week basis EXCEPT during normal school hours (7:30 AM – 2:30 PM, Monday-Friday during the school year).  During those times, the adult advisors staff the first response ambulance and they are the primary support unit for Darien.  In the event that two calls occur which overlap during the school day, the second response young adult crew is paged out.  Darien High School supports the commitment of the Post 53 young adults and there is a mutual obligation to support the emergency medical needs of Darien while minimizing the impact on the school work of the young adults.

Where Do You Get Your Funding?

Annual operating expenses for patient care, life saving equipment and training, and vehicle maintenance are 100% funded through donations, special events, and in very limited cases, grants from outside organizations.