The role of Adult Advisors at Post 53 is to provide guidance and oversight to the young adults. From the beginning at Post 53, following the example of Bud Doble, adult advisors have played a role in teaching and working alongside the young adults.

Adult volunteers undertake the same extensive training as the young adults including the EMT certification course. Adults staff the first responding ambulance during school hours. These volunteers are fondly called “day ladies” however a corps of men is also actively involved. Adults may serve as crew chief during evening duties and are the Supervisor in the fly car 24/7, 365 days.

Adult Advisors also play a role in managing the Post through mentoring and guidance of young adults in day to day operating duties, including: ambulance operations, interior cleaning and maintenance, supplies, training, radio equipment, and communications, technology and community relations.


If you’re interested in becoming a Post 53 Adult Advisor please email us.